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The Amazon  Kindle Fire HD line of devices have witnessed increased sales since Apple’s  reveal of the all new iPad Mini. According to the company sales for its  moderately priced $199 tablet shot up following Apple’s Wednesday press  conference.

According to an Amazon representative the day following the Apple  announcement was the Kindle Fire HD’s “biggest day of sales since launch.”

Sales for the device are believed to have been three times higher than the  same period last week, although Amazon has made it a policy to not reveal exact  device sales numbers for its tablet line.

The sales increase is not good news for Apple. Customers were likely waiting  to see what the Apple Mini would offer, after realizing the device lacked GPS  and offered a screen with less pixels at a premium price of $329 they instead  opted to buy the Kindle Fire HD and quite possible the Google Nexus 7.

Google was also forced to cancel its Nexus Event as Hurricane Sandy headed  towards New York, an event that may have slowed Kindle HD sales with the  announcement of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, a 10-inch version from  Samsung.

As Apple continues to fall below analyst and customer expectations with its  devices the company’s premium pricing appears to be offering a leg up to the  competition. The true value of the Apple iPad Mini and the Amazon Kindle Fire  devices will be determined in the coming months as customers rack up purchases  during the Holiday shopping season.

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